“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” - Archilochus



Design by Amy Nicole Floral


Monday, May 6th and Tuesday, May 7th from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
At Sweet Root Village Studio: 4570 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria VA 22304

This is us, about to get real with you share what we 
have in store and why this should interest you…


The purpose of “The Workshop: Pricing and Design” co-hosted by Sweet Root Village and Amy Nicole Floral is inspired by our shared passion for profitability and great design! This is a no-frills, no fluff, nitty gritty workshop packed full of value and loads of information!

Our time together will be split evenly discussing profitable business practices and hands on design of centerpieces and bouquets. We casually refer to our education approach as “fire hosing you” because we have SO MUCH to share in our collective decades of education and experience. We are confident that this will be a valuable investment no matter what your design level or years in business.

Rachel and Lauren from Sweet Root Village will be leading and teaching all about the business of flowers! You will be guided through a classroom style session that will cover pricing flowers for profitability, practice hands on recipe writing, staffing, workflow and so much more. The SRV ladies will be answering your burning business questions in a tell all Q&A where we will dig in to your individual business questions and nothing is off the table! You will learn loads of actionable tools and ideas to apply to your business right away.

Amy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral will be leading and teaching her in depth approach to artfully inspired loose and airy floral designs. You will be guided in two hands on design sessions learning Amy’s techniques to achieving lightweight, artful, hand tied bouquets and lush centerpieces full of airy movement. Amy’s comprehensive approach to design is rooted in key fundamentals and she is passionate about empowering you to better understand your work and learn new ways to improve your design techniques. Key themes covered are; how to design more intentionally and with profitability in mind, techniques to working with color, how to not overstuff your designs, how to avoid bulky bouquets and designing with loose and airy movement.


– You struggle knowing what to charge for your floral designs or finding 
that you are just generally not profitable

– You are overspending or overstuffing arrangements

– You are struggling with ordering and sourcing your materials

– You struggle with making arrangements with loose, light, and airy movement

– You struggle with adding or balancing color in your designs

This might not be the best fit for you if you – don’t like making money and seeing 
your business succeed enough to live a balanced life. It might also not be 
the best fit if you prefer a more open handed approach to ordering and designing 
that doesn’t involve structure or recipes (this is the key profit in our humble opinion). 
If you don’t want to explore design styles and color theory and learn how to create well 
balanced floral designs, again – maybe not your cup of tea, that’s totally cool man.:)


I N V E S T M E N T:

Early bird rate of $1,800 includes your ticket to two full days of learning, all fresh product and hard good supplies needed for hands on designing with Amy, as well as lunch both days. You’ll also go home with three of our favorite design tools and the vase we design in together.


We have exactly 20 SEATS available for this workshop and you can register to reserve your space by filling out this form linked below.


T R A V E L : 


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA): 15 min drive and accessible by metro.

Dulles International Airport (IAD): 1 hour drive and accessible by metro.

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI): 1 hour drive

There are lots of Ubers and Lyfts readily available in our area at all times of day or night, so that is an easy way to get around! We are also about 1 mile from both the Eisenhower Ave and Van Dorn Metro stations.

There are an exorbitant amount of hotels and Airbnbs in the area. Here are a few of our favorite places, conveniently located in our adorable Old Town Alexandria, approximately 10 min away:

The Lorien Hotel and Spa
The Morrison House
The Alexandrian


Grace Rose Farm | Curate | Accent Decor 

Design by Amy Nicole Floral

Design by Sweet Root Village

maryland, april 2019



April, 2019

Our creative industry takes passion...and sometimes that passion fizzles. Whether it's client or employee issues or family issues, we all juggle the every day stressors and need somewhere to retreat.

The Design Sanctuary Workshop is that place. It's a place where you can meet new designers or reconnect with ones you already know. It's a place where you can learn new concepts and techniques...or share your own with the newer faces. It's a place to create for YOU, not your client. It's a place to remember why you chose this career in the first place.

It's a roll up your sleeves and dig into some beautiful flowers and just create setting. It's a grab a cup of coffee and get to know your community setting. It's a learn how to take beautiful photos of your work for your Instagram setting. It's a sit around with a group and talk about your favorite sources, wholesalers, shade of dahlia setting. Most importantly, it's a take from this what you need setting.

You'll experience hands-on design training throughout the workshop including learning how to construct large installations, bouquet & centerpiece design, styling a complete wedding and styled shoot tips & tricks.


maryland, april 2019



April, 2019


This rigorous course will cover everything, from creating floral pieces with emphasis on speed and precision, to handling on-site crises with unflappable composure. Lessons are taught by top florists in the DC, MD, VA area who will give fresh perspectives and feedback to even the most seasoned designer. Students spend a day working a wedding with an established local florist. Workshop features a panel discussion with area floral experts. The Meet-and-Greet on our final day will give students the unprecedented opportunity to connect with leading area florists seeking to fill positions for the upcoming season.

This workshop is intended to equip students with the necessary skills to lead a team of designers through the entire floral event process, from flower processing to late night take down.

This class is appropriate for those with and without experience. Please bring a strong work ethic, the ability to be physically active for long periods of time and a love of flowers.

Sign up here: https://www.sophiefelts.com/workshop/










Group classes are offered on an occasional basis in a variety of cities across the country with signature classes such as “Fine Art Centerpieces” and “Artful Bouquets”. These classes are hands on experiences including a thorough demonstration of Amy’s approach and technique. Individual instruction with constructive feedback is given to each participant. The group classes are wonderful ways to refresh your design skills, learn new techniques and grow in confidence around the modern design trends.

You can see a full list of current classes at the top of this page. If you are interested in hosting Amy for a workshop in your city, please contact her here to start the conversation!


Amy has supported and trained many floral teams in a 1 or 3 day, hands on private group class. Key topics such as care and handling, mechanics, productivity, profitability, efficiency and design techniques are typically covered. As an experienced professional designer, Amy knows what it takes to get the work done well, in budget and on time. She loves to train designers in the nitty gritty components of design work including building speed naturally, focusing on efficiency and profitability and always designing with quality in mind. If you or your team want to freshen up your design styles, Amy would love to help. 

Contact Amy here for more details.  

Amy also offers phone consultations on any topic you would like to discuss regarding your floral business for a 30 minute or 60 minute flat rate fee. This is a wonderful resource to speak to a professional florist about difficult client issues, tricky installations or any topic you could use some mentorship around.

Contact Amy here for more details.


Amy is proud to announce that online design classes are in the works, stay tuned and make sure to sign up for the email list to be the first to know when they launch!

In the meantime, check out her other online design resources below:

The Fluersociety Online Floral Design Summit is an online learning opportunity that includes 8 talented floral designers across the country speaking on a variety of helpful floral design topics including large installations, color theory, garden style bouquets and creating designs with movement.. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a lot of valuable floral education for the very low price of $197.00. Sign up here for all of the sessions. https://fleursociety.teachable.com/courses/fleursociety-online-summit-fall-2018?affcode=131112__aj-c3yuCopy

Skillshare, an online project based class platform approached Amy about teaching a class for their craft collection and Amy chose to share a key florist skill class, taping and wiring!  Sign up here https://skl.sh/2ML1T4X to add this important skill to your knowledge toolbox!


Amy has received rave reviews and 5 star ratings on Google for her classes which you can read a sampling of below.

“Amy’s class was incredibly inspiring and helped me grow as a designer. She is thoughtful, practical and inspired and she truly loves what she does. Amy is well organized and brings the perfect balance of processing, technique and creative expression. She introduced new ideas regarding elements of design, color, balance, texture and layering. I loved the bouquet I made under her instruction. It was wild and whimsical and had such great movement. She is a genius at color blocking and explaining design in simple and understandable ways. Amy is a dynamic and comprehensive teacher and we had so much fun in her class. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

-Isabel Hees, Floriography Flowers

“In April of 2018 I had a two day Design Class with Amy. Amy’s class was so much fun! She pushed me to be more daring in my designs and encouraged me to “wake up my creativity”! I noticed a big difference in my flower arrangements from before taking Amy’s class and after. Before I was focused on “roly-poly” designs but now I feel my designs are much more appealing. I definitely feel more confident, to be sure! Amy wanted to make sure all my questions were answered. She is so “down-to-earth” and had so many tips for me. With all her experience, she even helped identify which tools and tool brands are better to use and easier on my wrist and fingers! If you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Amy, you will not regret your decision! If you asked me “Would I take another class with Amy?” I would answer without hesitation …. YES!!! Thank-you Amy! It was a truly great experience! “

-Elsa Schulz, Verde Olivo Floral

“I took a flower workshop with Amy last month and it was hands down one of the best I have taken. Amy is so passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge; she really took the time to explain her thought process and answered every question. She encouraged me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and challenged me to go outside my comfort zone to retrain my way of thinking and designing in the proper way. The best part was we had so much fun and I learned so much in watching her design as well. I would HIGHLY recommend taking a workshop with Amy!!”

-Jenny Yi, Chloe + Mint

“Amy is a true master of her craft. She is an excellent teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of technique and skill that she clearly and thoroughly teaches in her classes and workshops. If you're considering taking a class with her, I strongly recommend it! The best value and experience hands down! If you're thinking about using her as a designer, DO IT! She takes the BEST care of her product and has the eye for design to wow and impress. Her abilities are unparalleled and she happens to be a pretty cool person too. You're welcome in advance.”

- Natasha Nguyen, Aurora Floral

“It was an incredible experience to sit and learn from Amy in our one-on-one centerpiece/bouquet lesson. Amy has such a big heart for flowers and for others, that teaching seems to come so natural! She has invested so much into her own education and I feel like she has personally tested just about every technique and trick out there and has so much first hand experience. She has great floral mechanics and an eye for design and color. She teaches different techniques, answers all questions and still leaves room for you to design in your own voice, as she guides you through the process. She helped me to recognize that instead of trying to add more flowers to overcome a design challenge, adjusting the placement of the flowers can help achieve the overall design look I was aiming for. I recommend Amy to anyone interested in furthering their flower skills!”

-Christy Villasenor, Honeycomb Affair

“I took a centerpiece/loose bouquet workshop with Amy recently, and it was so awesome!! I loved her work right off the bat, and was so excited to learn she taught workshops. I wanted to incorporate a looser approach to my designs, but do it in a way that still looked refined and thoughtful. Still creating floral art, not just a messy arrangement. She’s a master at this look! She quickly caught onto my skill level, and dove right into what I needed. She was easy to hang out with, fun to be around, and very knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions. I don’t take a bunch of workshops, I’m very picky, this one was 100% worth the money, I learned so so much and can see her work come through me and transform into my own style while working in certain designs... I’m hoping to get in another workshop soon, when wedding season calms down. Thanks you Amy for such a great learning experience and good time! I look forward to more workshops and working together in the future!!” 

Jessica Farrell, Royal Bee Weddings and Events

Photos by Lauren Fair, Kate Panza, Caleb Thal, Heirlume Photography