“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” - Archilochus



hands on workshops

in my Hands on design workshops, I pull back the curtain on the mechanics of how good design is cultivated and created.

I specialize in teaching foundational floral design techniques along with the specific language to better understand and think critically about your work. Through this process, you will be able to understand why you do what you do along with the tools to create more professional, sound and artful floral designs.

I provide empathetic but direct and helpful feedback for each student to learn their unique challenges and strengths as they approach their work. I am passionate about demystifying the design process for florists eager to learn new techniques and up level their work.

You can see a full list of current workshops on this page and through my email list.

If you are interested in hosting me for a workshop in your city, please contact me here to start the conversation!

private training

As an experienced, professionally trained designer with a passion for solid design practices and profitability, I love PROVIDING real world design training and support to florists of all levels of experience.

I have trained and coached multiple floral design teams across the country from private 1:1 sessions with beginners to experienced and tenured groups of up to 10 designers. Each private workshop private consists of one to three day customized curriculum based on on the individual, shop or studios objectives. Key topics often include care and handling pracitices, utilizing proper mechanics, increasing productivity and profitability, designing for safety and efficiency and foundational and updated design techniques.

. I clearly and effectively communicate the nitty gritty of good design principles with engaging antectodes, real life experience and motivational gusto. If you could use an outside perspective along with expert training, I am your gal!


Connect with me here to discuss how I can help level set, inspire and motivate you or your team!


ONLINE learning

I am proud to announce that online design classes are in the works, stay tuned and make sure to sign up for my email list to be the first to know when they launch!

In the meantime, check out all my online design resources below:

Wrist corsages were often a pain point for me until I found a much faster and easier way. This quick and easy tutorial demonstrates for an updated and trendy dried floral corsage although the techniques shown work for fresh flowers as well. Wrist corsages have e so this quick and easy way to make corsages has made all the difference in making these less painful and and and https://amy-nicole-floral.teachable.com/p/dried-flower-corsage-tutorial/?preview=logged_out

Learn a foundational and important floral technique that I use on a regular basis in my work, taping and wiring! In my Skillshare class, I teach this technique step by step through a floral head wreath demonstration. Once you master taping and wiring, you have endless options to remove unnecessary weight and add flexibility to any flower. Head here to get started:  https://skl.sh/2ML1T4X






AUGUST 7th-8th