Floral design and teaching are two of my greatest passions and I am thrilled to share my seventeen years of floral design experience with others. I am a professionally trained floral designer through the two year accredited Golden West College Floral Design and Shop Management Program I completed in 2001. I have been so fortunate to have been trained and be mentored by some of the best floral designers in the world. My experience working in retail flower shops of all sizes, special event companies and running my own floral business, Amy Nicole Floral,  has given me vital hands on experience.  

My teaching style is to effectively and carefully communicate my approach to floral compositions by focusing on the principles and elements of design. Some of my favorite topics to deep dive in to are creating movement using line, texture and depth, choosing cohesive color palettes and sourcing the right floral materials that lend themselves to natural garden style design. In each class I cover important fundamentals such as proper care and handling of cut flowers, floral design mechanics and skills critical to building successful designs. 


I start the one on one process with a deep dive phone interview and questionnaire about what your experience and individual goals are to ensure and recommend the best path of floral education. After the inquiry, I create a customized syllabus/proposal with an estimated time frame needed to cover the desired topics and to what depth. This process allows us to maximize our time together and ensures that you receive the best value for your investment. Regardless of the areas of focus, I include core fundamentals of cut flower care and handling and ensure foundational floral mechanics are discussed. A variety of premium flowers and foliages are chosen to practice in your preferred style and all the tools and accessories needed will be provided for your syllabus. Our time should be spent giving you the most practice and hands on time possible so additional add-ons such as a professional photographer, models, props and photoshoots are optional parts of a workshop that can be discussed depending on the learning priorities of each designer. 

 Contact me here for more information and to discuss your design goals! 


Learn design in a group setting for your team at your studio or shop or with a group of fellow flower loving designers in a group workshop. I love to travel and present as well, so if you and your team want to improve your floral design skills, establish new techniques and nurture foundational skills, including perfecting that effortless natural garden style I would love to help. 

Local group classes are offered seasonally and numbers are limited to ensure enough time and attention is given to each student. Prices vary depending on the curriculum covered and will be listed here when they become available. Contact me here for more details or to book your group workshop. 


In the works, details coming soon! 


Definitely having taken this course with Amy is a watershed in my career as a florist. I can notice the arrangements I made in the past and the ones I'm doing now ..... HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I love Amy's style and her way of explaining everything in detail, the importance of choosing colors, textures, etc. I will take in to account all the advice she gave me!! Amy is so sweet and encouraging in the way she teaches her class and her attention to detail is incredible. I loved every moment with her, I wish we had more time! There is so much more information and skills I would love to learn. Thank you Amy for your precious time that you took to spend with me and teach me all that you did! I hope to have more time with you in the future! - Elsa Schulz, 2018

I’m so glad I found Amy! I’ve been wanting to expand my style, and learn new techniques, and wanted some direction. We spent the day together, Amy showing me what she does, teaching me along the way, she explains every move, every placement with purpose, then I created my own version. She tailors the one on one to what your needs are. I wanted a centerpiece, and loose hand tied bouquet. Amy’s style and expertise was exactly what I needed. She shared all of her secrets with me, I left feeling like I learned so much, I have more tools in my toolkit for future weddings and brides with different styles. The best part was going home with arms full of gorgeous flower arrangements. I know a lot as it is and workshops can feel like a waste of time and money but everything we did was new and exciting. Amy’s one on one workshop is an incredible value, so so worth your time and money. She is so full of flower wisdom and has such great style and technique, perfect for the modern client who is in to the less traditional styles. Thank you Amy for sharing what you’re so good at with me, and the world! - Jessica Farrell, 2018