Dreamer and Lovers - Cloud Nine Collection

I love working with Dreamers and Lovers when one of their new gorgeous collection of dresses is about to launch. This beautiful collection called Cloud Nine was reminiscent of femininity with a touch of moody texture.  I took all of these things in to account when designing the floral set for the shoot. I chose floral elements to mimic the types of lace in the dresses and created a cloud like nest with deep shadows fading to lighter elements for the collection to be highlighted in. 

A Dutch Masters editorial

Lara Lam is an incredibly talented photographer and friend that I have had the pleasure of working with numerous times. We are big fans of old European style so we put our heads together to dream up this Dutch Masters editorial inspiration with one of our favorite dress designers, Yanique at Dreamers and Lovers


Photography - Lara Lam

Dresses - Dreamers and Lovers

Hair and Makeup - Hikari Murakami