I have an empathetic but honest approach to teaching floral design. 

It’s simple, my passion is your progress. 

My goal is to show you, foundationaly, how good floral design works to grow your skills by equipping you to gain confidence and clarity around your design approach.

I will give you the tools and techniques to apply the principles and mechanics of good design. They will serve you day in and day out, long after the workshop is over…because isn’t that really the goal?

So, simply put, this is not about me, my work is about you. 


So why learn from me?

Here is what I bring to the design table:

.As a professional freelance designer working for industry giants and running my own wedding and event floral design company, I’ve spent nearly two decades gaining the skills needed to help you increase productivity, gain proficiency in design and work more profitably. 

Professional education and training by way of an intensive 2-year Floral Design Shop Management certificate through the accredited Golden West College in Southern California.

I am commited to professional development to help you stay on top of trends, fresh ideas and perspectives in design, business and environmental impact. 


I am well equipped to help you elevate your work.

No fluff or ego here, just real, actionable floral design techniques to help you grow.

Ready to up level your design work?

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