"Nature first."

Amy grew up among the rambling nasturtiums and native poppies of Southern California and spent her young adult years discovering the sage filled deserts of enchanting New Mexico. As a military spouse, she now travels the country discovering new landscapes and inspiration.

Amy's greatest joy in her floral work is to use her years of formal training, unique visual aesthetic and passionate sourcing of the best materials to bring each of her clients' vision to life. She accomplishes this through listening to clients needs and thoughtful observation of a companies brand.

Her studio mantra is "nature first" as she takes great care to design within the seasons and uses locally grown flowers whenever possible. Her speciality is designing flowers for weddings, events, workshops, advertising campaigns, product shoots and print and digital publications.

Although Amy's floral work has spanned over two decades, she considers herself a lifelong student of nature and believes everyone in her community has something to contribute. She invests heavily in new experiences through continuing education and fostering community through classes, workshops and online learning. She has been immensely blessed in her career opportunities and attempts to pay it forward by sharing her knowledge and love of flowers whenever possible. 


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