With an empathic but honest approach to teaching and training, I LOVE helping floral designers push past blocks in their work, elevate their design style and work more efficiently and profitably.

  • Are you looking for straight forward, no-nonsense floral design education?

  • Do you want to add sophistication to your wedding and event work?

  • Do you need to brush up on or learn foundational techniques and mechanics!

    I am here to help!

With hundreds of weddings and events under my belt, two decades of training and experience, professional training from the accredited Golden West College of Floral Design and Shop Management and ongoing floral education, I am well equipped to help you design better, faster and stronger.

I teach hands on workshops, train teams through private sessions and guest speak and present across the country.

Are you ready to get real actionable help with your design work?

let’s do this!

“I do not think it is possible to adequately describe what an amazing teacher Amy is. I have been in this industry for over 30 years and have never seen anyone take the floral design process it and simplify and translate it into step by step instructions as well as she can. Her design style, mechanics, use of color, texture and line are spot on. And on top of all of it she is a fun, interesting and engaging speaker, by far, my favorite floral educator of all time!”

-Sue Davis, Owner Fresh Designs Florist


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